Missed photographing newborn stage due to lockdown? No problem - we photograph babies at any age

Baby girl portrait Lichfield photographer

Often, I get asked if a baby who is older than one month is ok to be photographed like a newborn. The answer is YES.

Usually, best newborn images are done when baby is between 5 and 14 days, reasons being babies sleep more in the first few weeks of their life and their bodies are still very flexible from the womb making it easier to pose them in the curled up squishy poses.

Having said that, I also photographed older babies age from one month to 5 months old and I must say we managed to get a variety of images for parents. If parents wanted sleepy curled up poses, we waited for baby to fall asleep and then we used bean bag with different colours of backdrops to capture what we have planed for. Also, because I have a variety of props (bed, baskets etc) of different sizes we can manage to use them for the session.

There is more interaction with older babies and we can capture that connection between parents and them. I love that spark in their eyes when parents are close to my camera. Babies getting used to tummy time and it's a perfect opportunity to capture them that way.

We will need lots of milk and patience and we will create the magic!

Here are few examples of babies one month and older:

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